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There is a renewed interest in ‘Hold Your Head Up Woman’.

It’s a great time of year for this song - coming up, as we are, to International Women’s Day (8th March). The lyrics are supportive of women and speak to our resilience and strength. It became the soundtrack to the ‘Know Your Crazy’ book and project. It is a great anthem… and a great mantra!

‘Hold Your Head Up’ written by Rod Argent / Chris White was, of course, originally a hit for the band Argent in the 1970’s. It was a perfectly natural fit for the all-female, transatlantic ‘Know Your Crazy Choir’ and we sang it, in our separate isolations, during Covid lockdown.

Our A Cappella version became ‘Hold Your Head Up Woman’.

You can see the video on YouTube or visit

I listened to it very loudly on headphones recently. Leaving aside lyrical content for now, I found myself wondering about the effects of musical sound and frequencies on our minds and bodies.

Einstein said “Everything in life is vibration”. Very simply, the vibration of an object causes the atoms around it to oscillate, creating a soundwave which is measured in Hertz (Hz). The faster the oscillations the higher the frequency and pitch.

We all know that frequencies can affect the human body, the brain and our emotional state, and have the potential to be either beneficial or harmful. Even if the frequency is too high or too low to be heard, we will still perceive it in some way. Our bodies have their own frequency – as does the Universe!

The topic of frequency is fascinating…and enormous! For now, I narrowed the subject down to the relationship between frequencies and human health, but it’s still a vast and ever-increasing field of research and knowledge and it’s very easy to go down a rabbit hole learning about it!

Here are just a few interesting things about frequency –

*The ‘Solfeggio Frequencies’ are a sequence of specific tones that are believed to affect our conscious and subconscious minds. The theory is that listening to particular Hz will have a positive effect on the health of various aspects of our bodies, minds and spirits.

*It is possible to have a ‘sound bath’ whereby you relax to the sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, kalimbas and singing bowls, this can help with releasing deep trauma.

*The Earth has a frequency of about 8 Hz.

*Different parts of the body vibrate at different frequencies, but the natural frequency of a standing body is about 7.5 Hz and a sitting body is about 4 - 6 Hz.

*Frequencies can and have been used as weapons. High (ultrasound) or low (infrasound) frequencies beyond our range of hearing can be harmful. There is ongoing research into adverse effects of radiofrequency waves, from our mobile phones, our microwave ovens, our computer screens – all of our electronics really!

*The commonly accepted range of human hearing is around 20 – 20,000 Hz, we lose the higher frequencies first as we mature.

Frequencies are a constant presence and will always be a part of our environment, but meanwhile, whatever the frequencies are that shine through our track – they feel like ‘good vibrations’ to me!

Do have a listen. Have a musical and frequency-aware March.

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