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Inner Landscapes

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

This December sees the release of a book of my drawings - ‘KNOW YOUR CRAZy’. It is officially released on 15th December and you can find out more about it at: It has been a rollercoaster journey, but in the middle of November I received 5 books in the post from Rene Harbison who has done such an amazing job printing these drawings, and all the hard work and the steep learning curve has been REALLY worth it.

The next big thing will be receiving a boxed set of 8”x10” prints - I can’t wait to see them. I have had a number of interviews since the books got made. Though I am not used to talking so publicly about my visual work, a couple of things have already become apparent when talking about these drawings. Firstly, it has been brilliant to realise that these pictures resonate so immediately with people, but even at this early stage I am becoming aware that when explaining the initial inspirations, I am wanting to hold back a bit. Not because I disown any of these feelings or mental states, but that I am a bit reluctant to ‘overwrite’ the instant personal reaction a viewer gets from seeing the images for themselves - and I love hearing about people’s own interpretations of the pictures.

The book itself was the brainchild of Cindy Da Silva, and has since, with the help of her amazing team, and with the vision of Rene Harbison, become an actual physical book. And a boxset of prints! And I love it!

This brings me to the second thing I have become aware of being asked about - and that is what it is I want to say with this book?

I have come to see it as as a book that starts conversations about our ‘inner landscapes’. Sometimes these are tricky subjects. Though it is quite a lighthearted book at first glance, it resonates and connects in a very deep and basic way. It lets us know we all experience many of the same insecurities, joys and foibles and it is ok to laugh at ourselves or get ourselves help. It is complex being human!!

A percentage of the profits of this book will be going towards the ‘Know Your Worth’ charity. Our hope here is to give a talented female the means to get into further education within the creative field. We will always need more women in the arts.

Once more a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped with getting the book out there. Also a huge THANK YOU to everybody who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign - I will be seeing some of you soon for a chat and a singing session! Look forward to it. I wish everyone a wonderful 2020 Christmas.

Keep safe and keep going.

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