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‘KNOW YOUR CRAZy’ - the Book and the Limited Edition Box

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

This month I am finally able to talk to you about the book that has been in the pipeline for a while. With the help of Cindy da Silva and Rene Harbison, it is now a physical reality! The corona virus may have delayed us and changed a few things, but it has not stopped us.

‘KNOW YOUR CRAZy’ is a collection of my drawings, collages and monoprints that chart parts of my inner landscape over time. It has light and shade. The art book feels quite lighthearted but it also has a weight that resonates instantly and deeply with the viewer. I have been pretty overwhelmed by the response to it, and have come to realise how many of these emotions and experiences are universal and understood by everyone…especially the women!

The spelling of the book title is intentional. It is not trying to tell you that you ARE crazy, it is more of an invitation to recognise and embrace all of your inner demons, angels, thoughts and reactions that make you who you are.

A picture, like music, often says it better than words. It is not a psychology book, but the images can be interpreted in many ways and ignite conversations about subjects we often don’t think to discuss. Women have told me that even though it is not the written word, it would make a good ‘book club’ discussion night.

Sometimes we need help, sometimes we need a cry, sometimes we just need a good belly laugh!

Signing Certificates of Authenticity for the Limited Edition Boxed Sets of prints.

Printed sheets of the book prior to cutting, folding and binding. (In Texas)

I wanted to make an audio track to partner this project, and Chris White’s song ‘Hold Your Head Up (Woman)’ seemed perfect. The song is an anthem to the strength of women. The crowdfunding campaign enabled us to offer voice recording opportunities here:

I worked out an a cappella arrangement (fairly true to the ‘Argent’ version) that could be performed by women. Technology being used as it is right now, made it seem very possible to share this out and have singers from around the world join in. So Chris and I worked on a two minute track, recording myself and Emily Hanslip as ‘choir’. The fabulous Bianca Kinane recorded independently and sent us the lead vocal (thanks to Tom Wilson for engineering).

‘Hold Your Head Up - Almost A Cappella Version’ to be recorded by women.

The recording as it now stands will be the track that our Indiegogo singers will sing along to, getting recorded in a professional studio. I will go through a choice of vocal lines with the singers via Zoom to make sure they are singing in their comfortable range before their recording dates. Their voices will then feature on a track to be mixed back here in the UK.

The initial thought for this track was to use it for publicity, but it seems likely it will develop into something else further down the line. A video will also get made. Watch this space.

Crowdfunding became necessary to put together the ‘coffee table piece’ - a Limited Edition Boxed set of prints. This has necessitated creating a little ‘KNOW YOUR CRAZy’ world, which you can now find through the links below - thanks to Cindy and crew including fab Pam, with Cayla, Jaclyn, Kobain, Kristin, Megan, Mollie and Liz. Thanks to Rene of course and also to Erica, Chris T and Chris W.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who has helped this project along so far. I REALLY appreciate it, and look forward to singing with some of you soon.

Vivienne Boucherat's Website:

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