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THE MERRY MONTH OF MAY! (and the first few days of June!)

In the last few weeks I have felt a bit stretched - but May has been full of landmarks, frustrations, little victories and promises fulfilled, some big, some small and in all sorts of random areas of my life.

In no particular order, here’s just three of each:

Landmarks include the online release of American psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig’s Zoom interview with me about my ‘Know Your Crazy’ (KYC) book and boxset. You can see it at:

I helped nurse a close relative back to health after a major operation – they are now passing landmarks of their own!

Rather more sadly, Chris and I marked the first annual anniversary of the deaths of two close friends.

The main frustration has (not surprisingly) been the ongoing story of Covid 19 and how it is interfering with plans we would love to make!

By rights I should have been in Colorado last week! Rene Harbison invited both Cindy da Silva and me to join her for a few days of All Things Outdoors and All Things Spa. She suggested that the three of us ‘Know Your Crazy’ women take some time to celebrate our collaborative effort – the ‘KYC’ book and box, ‘decompress’ a little, have an adventure and make a few plans. Oh well…ONE DAY!!

The ‘Chris White Experience’ has hit a few obstacles with companies that we need to use for the output of physical CDs. They are suffering the effects of Covid 19, even closing. However, these are obstacles we can overcome and we will continue to produce output, but we really do feel for the plight of some of those involved in this area of creativity.

Third frustration – Technology – don’t ask!

My first little victory is that what should have been a ‘Know Your Crazy’ book tour last year, (so starting as another frustration), has morphed into an online monthly Book Club (little victory), which I am enjoying immensely. It really is great to hear how the pictures resonate with people in such different ways, and has been good for me to reassess all of my pictures. The fourth of these Clubs is on Wednesday 9th June and we will be looking at 3 images - ‘Internal Fear’, ‘External Fear’ and ‘Life Is Magic’. Maybe see you there? You can get there via:

I had my second Covid vaccination

I mowed a lawn! Haven’t had one of those for over 40 years. I am loving our new spac

So – promises fulfilled. The ‘Know Your Crazy’ team was finally ready and able to make a donation from the funds raised by the generous contributors to our 2020 ‘KYC’ Indiegogo campaign. Rather than setting up our own charitable fund, it turned out that the smartest way to use the money was to make a donation to an already established charity. We donated $1000 to ‘Arteamor’. This charity helps children affected by violence, abuse and human trafficking and works with them using creativity. You can read more about Arteamor here:

Again, connected to the Indiegogo campaign - The unofficial soundtrack to the ‘Know Your Crazy’ project is ‘Hold Your Head Up’ (a Chris White / Rod Argent song). The three women who purchased the campaign’s Diamond Perk (plus some of their youngsters) have now been into recording studios to add their voices to an A Cappella version of the same. We are working on that mix right now in the UK. More about this one soon.

And one promise I made to myself - I finally threw out (and gave away) some old clothes that will never fit again! Does that count?

Well - THAT was quite a useful exercise!

Covid restrictions loosened up a bit recently, and having finally been allowed to entertain friends and family at home again, I think the most interesting lesson I (re)learnt in May was, that being in close contact with children again, reminded me that living ONLY in the present moment really does have a lot going for it!

Happy June!

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